John Minke, N6JM (ex-WA6JDT):

"The 1st CQP was run in 1966 and was sponsored by the Claremont Ham Club (CHC) of southern California.  The fellow who ran it was Tom Frenaye, now K1KI and ARRL Director of the New England Division.  Tom ran it for two seasons and then approached me to see if I knew of any group who would pick it up.   I said I would do it and was able to get the North Hills Radio Club sponsor it.   However, I did all the work. I think I did get help one year checking logs."

"I forgot the year (I think it was 1976 or so [Webmaster:   Actually, it was 1975]) NCCC asked if they could assume running the operation.   I agreed with the condition that the club take me too!  I would have stayed in the club, but it was too far to go to the meetings.   One of Wayne Green's henchmen had also approached me with the idea that 73 was going to take over the QSO parties (including other states) and I told them what for!!  Then Wayne wrote to me bewildered by my attitude."

"But, that was a long time ago.  The second year I ran it (1969) I made my first outing to Sierra County.  In those days not many county DXpeditions happened for the contest. It was a lot of fun, even though I didn't make very many contests.  I will see if I have any of the old information laying around.   I thought I may have turned it all over to NCCC back then."

"Hope this helps!"

73 de John N6JM


"North Hills Radio Club still exists, although I am no longer a member.  At the time they sponsored CQP they met in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento.  They now meet at the Elks Lodge in Carmichael. Info on meetings is in the club section of WORLDRADIO."

"Please remember that they were sponsor of CQP only.  Any work on the contest was by me.  They picked up the costs.  I think maybe one or two helped me once. But, the majority were not interested.  ..."

73 de John N6JM (WA6JDT 1st few CQPs and later W6KYA)