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2003 CQP County Operating Plan

As of 4 October 2003 06:00 UTC

Note: Please send your plans for operating from a CA county to N6TV ASAP so we can get this page set up for the 2003 event. Be sure to include: County/Counties of Operation, Callsign to be used, Calls of operators, No. of hours you plan to operate, your name and e-mail address, and (optional) phone number.

-Mobile-            K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Alameda             N6WG(QRP)
Alameda             KI6OY
Alameda             W6W(KG6ECI, WA6NGH)
Alameda             K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Alpine              N6A(NF6S, W6OA, K6DGW, KQ6DI, K6KF, KO6PW, K6III, NU6T)
Amador              K6A(K6KO, K6TA)
Amador              ND6S
Butte               N6RER(@K6KM, SSB)
Butte               K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Calaveras           N6TNX
Calaveras           WB6QVI
Calaveras           WK6I
Colusa              K6KFC(NF1J, lim.)
Colusa              K6C(K6ENT, W1SRD, WJ6O, KF6KGO, N6DE)
Colusa              W6OAT/COLU(+K2RD)
Colusa              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Contra Costa        N6O(@N6RO, +N6BV, K6AW, WA6O, WX5S, N6PN)
Contra Costa        W6W(KG6ECI, WA6NGH)
Contra Costa        K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Del Norte           W6CWM/6(+KS6S)
Del Norte           N6YEU
El Dorado           K6LRN(+K6TKD)
El Dorado           WT6G?
El Dorado           KG6CMS
Fresno              W6TE
Fresno              W6FRH
Fresno              KW6N
Fresno              AK7G/6(40-6m)
Fresno              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Glenn               K6KFC(NF1J, lim.)
Glenn               W6OAT/GLEN(+K2RD)
Glenn               KX7M/6
Glenn               K6AQL/M?(K0DI, W4RU)
Humboldt            W6JTI
Humboldt            W6CWM/6(+KS6S)
Humboldt            AA6DX
Imperial            W6PT(K6QK, K6ZH, N7CW)
Inyo                W6PH(?)
Inyo                K7OK/6(K7CO, K7AC, K7EET)
Kern                W6BAR(KB6JFL, KG6HHE, KC6AWO, KG6GMT+)
Kern                W6WTG
Kern                K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Kings               N6BT
Kings               AA6GZ(SSB)
Kings               K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Lake                K6L(K6ENT, W1SRD, WJ6O, KF6KGO, N6DE)
Lake                W6ESJ(lim.)
Lassen              K6ME
Lassen              W6OAT/LASS(+K2RD)
Lassen              N6IZ(QRP)
Lassen              K6JKC(4 ops)
Los Angeles         W6AQ(QRP)
Los Angeles         KN6Y
Los Angeles         K6LA
Los Angeles         K6MMC
Los Angeles         W6RCL(QRP)
Los Angeles         WB6NFO
Los Angeles         W6AFA
Los Angeles         WO6M
Los Angeles         W6IST
Los Angeles         N6GL
Los Angeles         W6FA
Los Angeles         KE6CC/M(QRP)
Los Angeles         W6MQE
Los Angeles         WA6BOB
Los Angeles         K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Los Angeles         W6YB
Madera              KD6FW
Madera              W6BBS
Madera              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Marin               K6CTA
Marin               W6OAT/MARN(+K2RD)
Marin               W6UDS
Marin               N6VAW
Marin               K6RIM
Mariposa            N6BT
Mariposa            W6RFL(lim.)
Mariposa            W6MOD(W7MH)
Mendocino           K6IF
Mendocino           W6ABR(KE6WC, AD6G)
Mendocino           KX7M/6
Merced              W6CQP(AD6E)
Merced              KI6PR(+KB6SBH, QRP)
Merced              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Modoc               NT6K
Modoc               N7MQ/6(+N7YW)
Modoc               KS6U(+K2DI, K4XU, N6GC, W7MT, KD7RZA, K7YLO, W7YOW)
Mono                W6M(W7AB, W7FD, W6LFO)
Mono                W6ML(W6KC, W6JTB, WQ6X)
Monterey            N6IJ(NI6T)
Monterey            WD6CKT(lim.)
Monterey            K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Napa                KE6ZSN
Napa                W6OAT/NAPA(+K2RD)
Nevada              NC6DX(K6XN, W6NW, N6FSS)
Nevada              W6OAT/NEV(+K2RD)
Nevada              K6DW(100W)
Nevada              WB6JJJ(40-15m)
Nevada              W6IXP
Orange              WA6OGO
Orange              AA6PW
Orange              K6VDP
Orange              AF6Z(lim.)
Placer              W6RFF
Placer              WX6V
Placer              K6AQL/M?(K0DI, W4RU)
Plumas              K6KYJ
Plumas              N6IZ(QRP)
Plumas              W6OAT/PLU(+K2RD)
Plumas              KC6MCI(PSK-31)
Plumas              KR6G
Riverside           W6EEN(+K6XC, N6RT, W6AQ, W6ORD)
Riverside           AD6FR(AD6JF)
Riverside           N6MJ(@W6KP)
Riverside           W6FZA
Sacramento          W6OAT/SAC(+K2RD)
Sacramento          N6RK
Sacramento          W6NKR
Sacramento          AK6G
Sacramento          K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
San Benito          ND6E(K6EP+)
San Benito          K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
San Bernardino      AD6WL
San Bernardino      W6KK(100W)
San Bernardino      KD6KHJ
San Bernardino      KE6CC/M(QRP)
San Bernardino      K6VO(K6NR, NJ6N, AD6OI, K6RBS, +)
San Diego           W6/K2RP
San Diego           NE6I
San Diego           K6GO
San Diego           W6MVW(lim.)
San Diego           AI6O(lim.)
San Diego           KC6MIE
San Diego           WN6K
San Francisco       K6OWL
San Francisco       W6OAT/SF(+K2RD)
San Francisco       AD6TF
San Francisco       N6RA(lim.)
San Joaquin         AK6DV(lim.)
San Joaquin         KA6BIM
San Joaquin         K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
San Luis Obispo     K6YR
San Luis Obispo     WA6NGH
San Luis Obispo     W6TK
San Luis Obispo     WA5VGI/6
San Luis Obispo     W6KFV
San Luis Obispo     K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
San Mateo           W6ISO
San Mateo           W6OAT/SMAT(+K2RD)
San Mateo           N6DQ
San Mateo           W6ISQ
Santa Barbara       KF6NWM(lim.)
Santa Barbara       KQ6VX(lim.)
Santa Barbara       K6TZ(N6YX, AC6T, +)
Santa Barbara       WA6FGV(mobile)
Santa Barbara       W6AB(KD4GBA, KM6DF, +)
Santa Clara         W6YX(K6UFO, W6RQ, +)
Santa Clara         KF6B(lim.)
Santa Clara         W6AMM(ND2T)
Santa Clara         N6TV
Santa Clara         N6XI
Santa Clara         K6PBQ(lim.)
Santa Clara         W6W(KG6ECI, WA6NGH)
Santa Clara         K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Santa Cruz          W6ZZZ(SSB only)
Santa Cruz          K6XX
Shasta              KK6MM
Shasta              W6OAT/SHAS(+K2RD)
Shasta              W6SUE(+WA6OZZ)
Shasta              N6IZ(QRP)
Sierra              W6OAT/SIER(+K2RD)
Sierra              K6ST(+KI6IV, W6EU, KU6J)
Siskiyou            KJ6RA(SSB only)
Siskiyou            W6OAT/SISK(+K2RD)
Siskiyou            WA6ST
Siskiyou            KF6QBG(SSB only)
Siskiyou            K6UCS(SSB only)
Siskiyou            W6CWM/6(+KS6S)
Siskiyou            W6YJG(Mostly CW)
Siskiyou            K6AWR(lim.)
Solano              K6KFC(NF1J, lim.)
Solano              W6OAT/SOLA(+K2RD)
Solano              KA6SGT
Solano              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Solano              KE6QR
Sonoma              KD6JUI(30W)
Sonoma              W6OAT/SONO(+K2RD)
Sonoma              W6ESJ(lim.)
Sonoma              W6XU
Stanislaus          K6CP(lim.)
Stanislaus          WA6WPG
Stanislaus          NN6NN(W6XK, N6EE)
Stanislaus          K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Sutter              N6EM(+W6EO)
Sutter              W6OAT/SUTT(+K2RD)
Sutter              WA6OWH
Sutter              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Tehama              K6KFC(NF1J, lim.)
Tehama              KX7M/6
Tehama              W6OAT/TEH(+K2RD)
Tehama              K6SDX(W6JEX, NZ6N, K6AAA)
Tehama              KX7M/6
Tehama              K6AQL/M?(K0DI, W4RU)
Trinity             W6PZ(K6SRZ)
Tulare              W6WBT(+AE6GA)
Tulare              N6YMM
Tulare              K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Tuolumne            W6GKF
Tuolumne            KI6PG(SSB, lim.)
Tuolumne            N6BT
Tuolumne            K6YV
Ventura             W6RJQ(lim., 10-20)
Ventura             WB6L
Ventura             KD6PQF(SSB)
Yolo                K6KFC(NF1J, lim.)
Yolo                W6OAT/YOLO(+K2RD)
Yolo                K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)
Yuba                W6OAT/YUBA(+K2RD)
Yuba                N7RC/6(20, 15, 10m)
Yuba                K6AQL/M(K0DI, W4RU)

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