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58th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 7, 2023 to 2200 UTC October 8, 2023
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2022 California QSO Party Awards & Sponsors
Your choice of a Plaque or a $60 VISA gift card.*  Many thanks to our Sponsors.
California Sponsor Non-California Sponsor
Single Operator   Single Operator  
1st Place SO HP K6LRG (Club) 1st Place SO HP N3ZZ
2nd Place SO HP


2nd Place SO HP AJ6V
1st Place SO LP W6XU 1st Place SO LP Mother Lode DX/Contest Club
2nd Place SO LP K6TD 2nd Place SO LP AE6Y
Top SO Expedition - LP K7ZOO    
Single Operator - Assisted   Single Operator - Assisted  
1st Place SO-Assisted HP K6LRN 1st Place SO-Assisted HP K6MR
2nd Place SO-Assisted HP NW6P 2nd Place SO-Assisted HP NR6Q
1st Place SO-Assisted LP K6MM 1st Place SO-Assisted LP NA6O
2nd Place SO-Assisted LP K6TD 2nd Place SO-Assisted LP K6MM
Top SO-Assisted QRP KI6SLX & AE6JV Top SO-Assisted QRP N6LL
S/O & S/O-Assisted   S/O & S/O-Assisted  
Top Score: CW-only 1 N6TV Top Score: CW-only 1 K6AUC Memorial Award
Top Score: SSB-only 1 W1RH Top Score: SSB-only 1 K1NZ
1st Place Expedition AD6E Top DX (Non-USA, Non-VE) N5YJZ
2nd Place Expedition N6NZ    
Top YL - HP WQ6X Top YL - HP K6MLF
Top Youth K6DGW Top Youth K6DGW
Top New Contester K6LA Top New Contester K6LA
Multi-Single   Multi-Single  
1st Place Multi-Single Fixed K6NR 1st Place Multi-Single N3ZZ
2nd Place Multi-Single Fixed K6MM 2nd Place Multi-Single K6HNZ Memorial Award
1st Place Multi-Single Expedition Jerry Olive - State Farm Insurance    
2nd Place Multi-Single Expedition N6DQ - Memorial Award    
1st Place Multi-Multi Fixed W1SRD & K0BEE    
2nd Place Multi-Multi Fixed AE6Y    
1st Place Multi-Multi HP Expedition N6TV    
2nd Place Multi-Multi HP Expedition      
1st Place Multi-Multi LP Expedition W6GJB    
2nd Place Multi-Multi LP Expedition Redwood Empire DX Association    
Any Entry Class      
1st Place Most Mobile QSOs W9KKN    
2nd Place Most Mobile QSOs      
Top Score: County-Line Station K6GHA    
Top SO/SOA Score: One-Day Expedition      
Top M-S/M-M Score: One-Day Expedition N6MI    
1There is no CW-only or SSB-only category in CQP, but these awards are offered to participants who only make QSOs on one mode during the contest.
*Note: A minimum of 50 QSOs is required to qualify for a award. Any award that does not specifically list a power level will be awarded to the top scoring qualifier regardless of power level.
Club Competition: $100 VISA Gift Cards
Top Club
Sponsor Top Club
Yosemite Class = 31+ logs N6DE Yosemite Class = 31+ logs W6ZZZ Mem. Award
Joshua Tree Class = 21-30 logs N6DE Joshua Tree Class = 21-30 logs N6DE
Sequoia Class = 11-20 logs K6EL Sequoia Class = 11-20 logs K6EL
Redwood Class = 6-10 logs N6DE Redwood Class = 6-10 logs N6DE
Channel Is Class = 1-5 logs N6DE Channel Is Class = 1-5 logs N6DE
See Club Competition Rules Page for more information on these club gavels.
Special CQP Wine Award
The top 20 CA and top 20 non-CA Single-Op stations will receive a personalized bottle of NCCC Private Reserve California Wine. Winners under the age of 21 will receive a non-alcoholic personalized award.  The NCCC Private Reserve California Wine is graciously donated by Twisted Oak Winery. Twisted Oak is located in the Sierra Foothills of California and produces wine made from grapes like Syrah, Grenache, and Tempranillo. Twisted Oak is owned and operated by NCCC Member Jeff Stai, WK6I.
Certificate of Achievement

If you submit a CQP Log, you will be eligible for a personalized CQP Certificate of Achievement.
You can print your certificate online.

(click here)

CQP T-Shirts

CQP T-Shirts - Like the wine, each year’s T-shirt is a special vintage.  All entries qualify for the special CQP T-shirt -- no minimum number of QSOs needed.  The 2022 CQP T-Shirt color will be Red.   Place your order for a T-shirt by sending an email to shirts@cqp.org stating the sizes and quantities for each size (M/L/XL/XXL), the call sign of the CQP operation, the call sign of the person placing the order, and the address to ship to.  Send payment, $20 ($25 for DX entries), either via PayPal [using this email address: paypal@nccc.cc ] -- or a check to: NCCC Treasurer, c/o David West, W6DMW, 2008 Hedge Ave, Brentwood, CA 94513.  All orders are due by January 31, 2023.

NOTE: You MUST send that email order to shirts@cqp.org to trigger the order. If you don't, your order will not be processed.

Worked All California Counties Award (WACC)

The NCCC offers the WACC (Worked All California Counties) award for anyone working all 58 California counties anytime, as part of CQP or other operating.  See the WACC web page for more details and an application form.
Distribution of Awards
Our log-check team endeavors to do its best to publish results as soon as possible after the CQP.  The bulk of the awards will be mailed out if recipients don't pick them up at an NCCC meeting or IDXC in Visalia, CA in April or the Dayton, OH Hamvention in May.  E-mail to CQP Info to let us know if you can collect your awards at one of these two conventions.

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