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56th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 2, 2021 to 2200 UTC October 3, 2021
CQP 2021 Begins:


Strategy & Tips
Some real-world data to help you optimize your performance in the CQP.
Operator's Guide To CQP
Description Link
CA Operator's Guide (28 pages) ca_operators_guide_to_cqp_v11.pdf
US/VE/DX Operator's Guide (26 pages) usvedx_operators_guide_to_cqp.pdf
QSO Data
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CQP 2020 QSO Percentage by Hour for Every Band/Mode (low sunspot activity) cqp2020_qso_percentage_by_bandmode.pdf
CQP 2020 Total QSOs per Hour (low sunspot activity) cqp2020_total_qsos_by_hour.jpg
CQP QSOs per Band by Hour
Low Sunspot Activity -
Medium Sunspot Activity -
High Sunspot Activity -
CQP 2009 QSO Data by Band and Mode, Every 30 minutes (low sunspot activity) https://cqp.org/results/2009/CQP_2009_Claimed_Qs.pdf
Frequency Data
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CQP 2020: Where to operate on 20M and 40M? cqp2020_frequencies.pdf
Multiplier Data
Description Link
Rarest CA Counties https://cqp.org/pdf/CQP_rare_counties.pdf?usp=sharing
Rarest US/VE Mults cqp_rare_usve_mults.pdf
County and US/VE Mult Sweeps: 2008-2020
# of CA counties contacted by all non-CA stations: 2017-2020
CW Speed Data
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CW Speeds during first 8 hours of CQP 2020 cqp2020_cw_speeds_rbn.pdf
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Keys to successful CA county expeditions cqp_successful_expeditions.pdf
Building an operating trailer for county expeditions (W6GJB, K9YC) http://k9yc.com/trailer.pdf
Operating trailer in action in 7QP (W6GJB, K9YC) http://k9yc.com/7QP.pdf
Time lapse video of Hexbeam construction and installation on a tripod mast (N6NUL) https://www.ebyron.com/Amateur-Radio/2019/CQP/i-fTRvvfV
Build a common mode choke to reduce RFI from generator (K9YC) See page 23 of http://k9yc.com/RFI-Ham.pdf
Solve RFI on a CQP expedition (K9YC); https://www.nccc.cc/pdf/CQP-RFI2013-2.pdf
Mobiles (coming soon)
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