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58th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 7, 2023 to 2200 UTC October 8, 2023
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California Counties
The 58 County Abbreviations used in CQP are on the CQP Multipliers page

Every year the NCCC works hard to ensure that all 58 counties are on the air for the CQP.  The driving force behind this effort is Dean, N6DE.  As the contest weekend draws near, Dean builds a master list by county of stations committed to being on the air.   Every year, Dean is looking for home stations, expeditions, and mobiles that want to put counties on the air. Please Register Your County HERE.

Thanks to all who are making the extra effort to put those rare counties on the air, and making all 58 counties active.   We would really appreciate your help with our descriptions of counties you have worked from or otherwise know about.  Just email your text.

California's 58 counties have a broad variety of characteristics.  Here are some resources to learn more:

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