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58th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 7, 2023 to 2200 UTC October 8, 2023
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CQPWIN --- Logging Software by Andy, AE6Y

Download here:   

CQPWIN 12.7  (3.5 MB)

CQPWIN 13.0 Upgrade Files  (4.0 MB)

The program logs 12 contests: CQP, ARRL 10-Meter, ARRL DX, All Asian, CQWW, CW Open, NAQP, NEQP, PAQP, SS, Sprint, and WPX -- plus a generic logging facility that can be used for unsupported contests and for non-contest logging (and also supports the weekly CW Ops CWT mini-contests).

It supports Cabrillo output format, and expanded rates and stats reporting both during the contest and post-contest. It also supports 2-radio operation, LPT, and serial port activation for keying (also WinKey), switching radios, and PTT. It includes both a CW keyer and voice keyer using the computer sound card or using voice memories of Elecraft and Icom radios directly. For CQP, you can even send alternating CQs on two radios, one on phone and one on CW!

The installation files are configured into one zipped file containing three files for ver. 12.7 (cqpwin127.cab, setup.lst, and setup.exe). Put the zipped file in a folder, unzip it, and run setup.exe to install.

There are 2 options for using CQPWIN in 2022
Option 1: Use CQPWIN 12.7 and edit the Cabrillo log file before submitting your log.
Option 2: Download CQPWIN 13.0 upgrade files, extract files to CQPWIN 12.7 directory, create desktop shortcut for CQPWIN130.EXE, and run this file as administrator.

Option 1 details:
Your output Cabrillo file will show your QSOs as having been made in the year 2000 instead of 2022.  This is easily fixed before you submit your log:
Open Cabrillo log in a text editor.  Example below will be for Notepad.
Click Edit menu, then click Replace...
In "Find what", enter 2000-
In "Replace with", enter 2022-
(make sure you type the dash after the year)
Click Replace All button.
Save file.
Submit this file as your log.

Option 2 details:
Keep your 12.7 installation. (no need to uninstall it)
Download the 13.0 upgrade files (ZIP file contains a new executable file cqpwin130.exe, a new help file cqpwin130help.chm, and new ini file, cqpwin129.ini).
Extract these files into your CQPWIN127 directory. (usually it will be in your C:\ Program Files or Program Files (x86) directory)
Open File Explorer, navigate to the directory with all the CQPWIN files, and Right click on the file CQPWIN130.EXE.
Select "Send To..."
Select "Desktop (create shortcut)"
Right click the CQPWIN 13.0 desktop icon.
Select "Run as administrator".  Run CQPWIN 13.0 this way instead of double clicking the icon.  Test to make sure all is OK by logging some QSOs, saving the file, creating a Cabrillo file, and making sure these output files appear on your computer.

If you have any problems, contact AE6Y at andrewfaber@ymail.com

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