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1600 UTC October 3, 2015 to 2200 UTC October 4, 2015

Results - CQP 1997

Many sincere thanks to:

  • Al, AD6E, for the outstanding job log checking and preparing the results.

  • The sponsors who make all these trophies and special awards possible!

Quick Index:

California Top Three Single Operators

Call County Mult CW Phone Score
K6NA (K6LL op) San Diego 58 748 1671 323,988
W6GO (N6IG op) Sacramento 58 717 1637 314,650
K6LA Los Angeles 58 836 1342 301,136

Non-California Top Three Single Operators

Call State/Province Mult CW Phone Score
VX7SZ (VE7NTT op) BC 58 346 900 164,604 All Time Record!
W8MJ MI 58 356 562 127,136
W5ASP TX 58 265 563 111,418


Category Operators County Mult CW Phone Score
TOP CA Multi-Single W6EEN+ K6XC, N6NC, W6ORD, KI7FX Riverside 58 446 1409 241,048
TOP CA Multi-Multi N6O: N6RO, K6AW, K2KW, K3EST, AE0M, N0BBS Contra Costa 58 1591 2626 581,450


Category Operators County Mult CW Phone Score
TOP Single-Op Expedition N6NT Glenn 57 823 733 224,295
TOP Multi-Op Expedition W6KC +W6SW Mono 58 830 922 251,372

Special Awards

Single-Op CA with most QSOs

K6NA (K6LL op) San Diego, 2419 QSOs

Single-Op NON-CA with most QSOs

VX7SZ (VE7NTT op) British Columbia, 1246 QSOs

Single-Op CA with most CW QSOs

N6MU Kern, 1100 CW QSOs

Single-Op Non-CA with most CW QSOs

W8MJ Michigan, 356 CW QSOs

CA Mobile with most QSOs

K0DI/6 (+N9HZQ, KS4IS), 336 QSOs

TOP 3 CA Single-Op running Low Power

W6JTI Humboldt 58 632 455 162,748
N6NF San Mateo 58 452 555 143,028
WN6K San Diego 57 494 418 132,126

TOP 3 Non-CA Single-Op running Low Power

W8MJ Michigan 58 356 455 162,748
WD5K Texas 58 306 382 97,556
WA3HAE Pennsylvania 57 289 343 88,521


TOP CA Novice/Technician

no entry

TOP NON-CA Novice/Technician

KO7Z/4 (KF6HIN op), Virginia, 576

TOP NON-USA/Canadian entry

WP2Z (AG8L op)

Mult CW Phone Score
54 188 262 58,752


Shasta DX & Contest Club

20 logs
1,483,359 points



1 K6NA (K6LL op) San Diego 323,988
2 W6GO (N6IG op) Sacramento 314,650
3 K6LA Los Angeles 301,136
4 N6TV Santa Clara 289,130
5 KC6CNV Orange 270,164
6 KF6T Placer 263,900
7 AC6T Ventura 240,758
8 K6RO Los Angeles 227,824
9 N6NT Glenn 224,295
10 N6ZS Sacramento 223,590
11 N6ED Los Angeles 223,532
12 KC6X Los Angeles 222,952
13 K6BZ Shasta 220,168
14 N6HC Orange 201,202
15 K6RIM Marin 198,766
16 W0YK Santa Cruz 191,632
17 N6MU Kern 191,400
18 K6RB Santa Cruz 183,744
19 W6BJH Shasta 182,004
20 K6UT Sacramento 178,466


1 VX7SZ (VE7NTT op) BC 164,604   All Time Record!
2 W8MJ Michigan 127,136
3 W5ASP Texas 111,418
4 WE9V Wisconsin 101,384
5 K7QQ Washington 99,586
6 WD5K Texas 97,556
7 W8GN Ohio 91,234
8 K7SV Virginia 88,692
9 WA3HAE Pennsylvania 88,521
10 N5DO Texas 86,184
11 VY1JA Yukon 85,318
12 WA4PGM Virginia 84,840
13 KE9I Indiana 84,616
14 VE7KNI British Columbia 84,564
15 W4MR North Carolina 77,064
16 KE1FO Massachusetts 67,480
17 WO4O Tennessee 66,990
18 WA8WV West Virginia 65,912
19 N5TJ Texas 64,866
20 N1CC New York 64,695

Soapbox Comments

We had fun putting "Santa Claus" county on the air again this year" .... KT6RA & KD6KKP (Stanislaus)

Kudos to you and the NCCC for a terrific contest! This is my first-ever serious participation in a contest, and it was a gas! ... K6RIM

Thanks for a *great* contest. ... WA5VGI

My best score ever - 40 mtrs almost a washout due to many stations and high local noise level. Antenna is a lowly (and low) dipole with 100watts (CW only). 6 new counties for me. ... W4TYU

Thank you for a great contest and a good time! 16 new California counties worked in my quest for USA-CA. ... N0JVR

Really funny... the guys were stumbling over each other in San Benito this year. Next year they should run a shuttle bus from San Jose to the park in San Benito to reduce the parking problem. But seriously, it was super to hear them on all the bands. Colusa came on with a *BANG* Sunday but there were lots of sweaty palms til then. ... W5ASP

Thanks for invitation for Calif QSO Party which I've received just before CQP on Friday. ...RA6AR

Only my 3rd contest! What a blast, thanks. ...KF6GUH

This was my first CQP and it was a total blast! The operators were patient and in great spirits. There were a small share of overmodulated and splattering stations driven beyond their limits. If yur not 100% sure of your signal quality, ask. The SlowScan ops were making the 20m band very exciting and there always seemed to be an alledged net taking place somewhere. Late nights were zany and having DX ops answering my CQ made me visibly excited. A barrel, a fish, and a smoking gun... what more could you ask for? ... KE6WEO

Couldn't get on the air on Saturday so I don't have much of a score - but I had to get my T-shirt ! ...KJ8J

Please overlook the mess. I had fun! By next year I'll have a logging program - I PROMISE! ...K5KRJ

I would have liked to work a little longer on Sunday, but the potential for this hams' life being terminated for TVI during a Packer game was too great. Outstanding 'test, the combination of execplary operators and fine band conditions made for a very enjoyable weekend. ...KF9VV

I tried the 2 xciever thing but just not enough of an operator here for that stuff, CW only next time. ...K7QQ

The California QSO Party is my favorite contest, and I look forward to participating every year. This was the sixth straight year in which I have submitted a score in this QSO party. ...WB5YRB (Thanks for the support! ed.)

I enjoyed your contest. It certainly lived up to what I had heard -- an outstanding, well supported event. I'll be back next year. ...K5CWR

Murphy came calling at 2AM just when 40 & 80 were loaded with CA stations. Coax connector shorted at ant. switch in attic! ...K0JPL

Sure nice to have 15M open -- after all these years! ...N6GG

How about a jug of wine for the youngest & oldest opr. with the highest score? Rules: oldest opr must be at least 77 years of age in 1998 and reside in "Plumas" county. Good idea?? (must also have alzheimers) ...KF7AM/6

I was trying to break the total CW Qs record but ten meters didn't cooperate and I fell 32 Qs short. Any decent opening and I think I would have had it. ...N6MU

Good to see conditions starting to pick up on 21MHz. ...W6NKR

Best I've ever done! I had 7 1/2 hours to get the sweep but I couldn't find Mendocino county. Next year... ...WA3HAE

I had a very enjoyable time and set personal records for the most qsos and states worked of any contest I've entered. If I didn't live here I'd have to schedule a visit every year just to take full advantage of this great contest. Thanks. See you next year. ...KQ6ES

Great contest. Wish I hadn't had to work and could have been on longer. Didn't hear too many from Utah on. Was I the only one? ...WA7ITZ

HIGHLIGHTS: Working one of my ham buddies from Jr. High School days who I hadn't talked to in over 30 years; Sweep of all 58 mults in only 7.5 hours. LOWLIGHTS: Taking down all of the antennas, packing up and not leaving Mammoth for the 300 mile drive back to Santa Monica until 7:30 pm on Sunday. Getting to bed about 1 am knowing you have to get up for work at 6 am the next morning is a true test of dedication to CQP. ...W6KC (M/M County Expedition)

The contest was very exciting and well organized. This is my first Calif. QSO contest and I enjoyed it immensely. ...KI6OG

Its always fun to junp into this contest. This time it was a great idea because I found out my ICOM 735 had a thermal TX problem & ICOM got it fixed in time for CW SS! ...N6KL/0

..I left Boston on Friday afternoon and returned Monday evening. Is there an award for the person who travels the farthest to put on a rare county (Inyo)? ... W6PH/1

I am a relatively new ham, and even newer to HF contesting. This contest yielded my first contacts into the Caribbean. I'm looking forward to next year's contest already. ...KQ6QW

A sweep of 58 mults still eludes me in 20+ years of doing this. ...WA5IYX

Weird! My first QSO was VY1JA, so one of the "tough" mults was out of the way (although Jay takes pretty good care of us!) My 10th QSO was MAR and #19 was VT.... My last mult was ME, #653. I was afraid I wouldn't get that one! It was fun running on 20CW and having LY2ZZ call; and working KH2JU off the back of the beam. Jots of JA's called in. Another good omen... 59 Qs on 10 meters. ... K6GT

Glad to be around for the Cal QSO Party after all the help CA stations gave me during the TN QSO Party last weekend. There always seemed to be a California station on the band. I thought that my radio had broken when I turned it on Sunday morning. The USB side was receiving very strangely. As it turned out, I had failed to center the IF band shift control. Among the things I tried, I reset the CPU. Oh well, I needed to reprogram the radio anyway. ... KE4OAR

This was my first time at CQP, and I enjoyed it so much I'll be back next year. The eighteen counties I missed must have been on SSB... ...W4HZD

Great contest - again. Lots more competition in CA. Nice to hear some folks back on that missed the past couple of years. ...K6BZ

What a FUN contest! An experienced team with a balance of skills, a 1x1 callsign, lots of high antennas and improving propagation overcame the hardware and software challenges and continuous line noise. We set a new record for CQP M/M thanks to our 1591 CW and 2626 SSB Qs... ...N6O

Had to work both days, but still wanted to say Hi to Calfiornia guys. ...WA1FCN

Had a lot of fun - wish I could have worked the contest longer - 6 hrs just doesn't cut it!! ...N8CN

Lots of fun as always - great tomake the sweep. Looking forward to bands getting better. I missed the Sunday morning 10 mtr opening - ugh! ...W6TKF

This was my 6th California QSO party... ...YU7SF

Where was everybody on 80!?! Thanks to all who went on county expeditions, and especially to N6BT/P for Colusa. See you all next year, and hopefully more CW q's. ...KE1FO

1. Started on 15 when I should have been on 20.
2. Was sleeping when 40 opened.
3. Expected many 80 - 160 Qs but 80-160 here had S9+200 QRN

Write protect$Bad unit$Not ready$Bad command $Data$Bad call format$Seek$Non-DOS disk$Sector not found$No paper$Write fault$Read fault$General Failure$Sharing Violation$Lock Violation$Invalid Disk Change$FCB unavailable$Sharing buffer exceed$Please insert disk ...KS6H (who lost 1.5 hours of log)

Trivia question: What is the largest contest without a QRP category? Answer: The California QSO Party Why ????? ...K3WWP/qrp

Used QRP rig and attic dipole, lots of activity but too close to hear CA stations on 15m! ...AE0Q

Another great contest! Did better than my winning score from 2 years ago. Band conditions were variable, 80 and 160 never panned out. 15 was wide open to the east coast but that didn't help me trying to work CA!!! ...KN7T

Great contest as usual. Missed 2 counties this year; Tehema and Yuba. Where were they?? Dont know!! I miss 10 meters! 80 could have been more productive but too noisy. Even ran a 600' beverage over the tops of the corn on Saturday morning still to noisy! See you all again next year. ...KE9I

Thanks again for hosting a wonderful CQP. As always, it was enjoyable and participation was great. ...AE2T

Great conds for a great contest. The most radio fun for the year. Most QSOs ever from this lousy QTH. ...K6XX

I really enjoyed CQP this time: Congrats to K5RC/M6 for digging out my signals from the QRM. See you all next year! ...HA1AG

This year 15m is open, solax flux increasing, it's good for HAMS. 1997 will be the best score since my first CQP 1991... ...F6IQX

This year I joined the California QSO Party for some hours and due to the good conditions on 15 and 20m I managed to make 220 contacts with W6-land and had a lot of fun. With this number of QSOs I should qualify for the special CQP T-shirt which I hope will be an honour for my shack and my body.. ...DK9IP

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